On Friday I gave blood.
I love giving blood. Why?

It’s certainly not the tedious waiting, or answering the same questions I answered 3 months earlier, or getting a needle stuck in my vein, nor is it the snacks with hydrogenated oils offered me when I’m done (though I appreciate the irony).

It’s because it’s the most visceral and tangible giving I do on a regular basis. I can’t do it alone. I’m somewhat vulnerable in the process. I offer life fluid taken from my body, my veins to put into other people in my community I may or may not know, like or respect.  And I’m not the doer; it’s done to me.

In short, it is as close to what I think of as Pure Giving as I’ve gotten: without motive, ego, control, and literally something that is mine to give.

I’d like to know what your most Pure Giving action is. I’d also like to know if you have a better term for it.


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