mlk day

I stayed home and organized my office space. As a working person with a family, I rarely get to be alone in my own house during the day. It was glorious. I felt accomplished, at ease, and grateful.

My husband was at work, because he’s in charge of managing a corporate group of volunteers that come to the non-profit where he works to help clean, paint, and organize stuff every MLK day.

My own workplace offered an opportunity to volunteer at another non-profit, as did many other businesses.

Who are these folks that give up the one paid holiday in January to donate their time and energy to others? I think they’re more selfless and  mature than me. Some of them probably are. Some of them might have been procrastinating, attempting to escape unpleasant situation, or had nothing better to do.

Giving is always a choice: who, what, where, when, how, and why.



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