spending my time

Almost every Sunday from November through February as a parent volunteer Guild Master I lead my guild of middle schoolers in the creation of medicinal herbs in preparation to sell them at the school’s Guild Fair in March. My own daughter isn’t a member of my guild, but she joins us sometimes if she’s home. Besides the 2 hour weekly sessions, I devote an additional 1-3 hours per week prepping for our meetings.

I give my time. My precious time.

When I actually was a middle school teacher I really wanted to teach medicinal herb making as part of our unit on The Middle Ages/Renaissance. Too bad there wan’t time. So now, instead of getting paid to teach, I’m doing it for free.

Actually, I’m not doing it for free. I’m spending my time. Time I will never get back. Time that isn’t being spent following other passions or accomplishing other goals.

Time is our most limited resource. What compels you to give your time? What do you give up to do it?


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  1. Obtaining my to comment is often tough, but that post was definitly worthy. I just wish to say hi and tell you that i is going to be back

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