dan pallotta: the way we think about charity is dead wrong
April 20, 2013

in a recent and fabulous TED talk, dan pallotta spoke about many aspects of giving i will visit in my posts. i highly recommend anyone concerned about philanthropy and/or solving issues of health, hunger and poverty listen and take heed:


i will be posting about pallotta’s take on:

  • why we see philanthropy the way we do
  • morality vs. frugality
  • the potential for our generational legacy

stay tuned….


15 cents, $15
January 14, 2012

Still jamming on giving $:
You’re on your way to CostCo. A co-worker hands you $1.50 and asks you to pick her up a Very Berry.
The Very Berry is actually $1.65.  You bring it back to your colleague and say nothing.
Is that giving?
Would it make a difference in your answer if  the item was supposed to be $150 and was actually $165?
What counts, and why?

first request?
January 6, 2012

I’d gifted everyone in my office with a bottle of my homemade elderberry syrup back in the fall. A co-worker asks me if I will sell him some more. It’s helping his wife’s cough.

I don’t want him to pay me for it.

Question: Is this giving when directly asked? He didn’t ask for a gift, even though that’s the only way I’m comfortable offering it.

Question: Does this count *less* as giving because maybe *he* would rather pay for it?

January 4, 2012

The question of what constitutes giving is going to be a topic I expect I’ll continue to return to. For now, my definition is what is offered and contributed without financial compensation; my time, money and energy minus monetary reward.

Because so many of us, myself included, give to others as part of our jobs, it can feel like we’re depleted in the giving department when it comes to our “own time.” I’m going to name the giving we do during work  Contractual Giving.